Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Nice ride to Devarayanadurga with Pooviah

NOTE: THIS IS A DRAFT COPY. Mainly pictures only as of now. Route map from gpx file, coming up.

I was forced to boot the front tyre this time!! Aaargh . It started wobbling at first (because a bulge came up in the tire somehow). So after the eery past experience during the 200k brevet, Pooviah and me immediately stopped to boot it before it had a chance to burst. This was on the way, in the morning, on Tumkur road. I also happened to forget (and lose) my sunglasses here :( )
We used this sheet of tarpaulin this time :)
On the way:
Panorama: A car zipped by in the middle of it :)


You can see the switchbacks here from the peak.

On the way back:
On the way back, the descents got us braking a lot. At the end I suggested that we stop and check our rims (for fun), and oh! they were too warm, bordering on hot actually :)

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